Why Choose Us?

Dear Patients,

It is a privilege to welcome you to our web site. I would like to thank all of our patients without whom the success of our practice would not be possible. Your word of mouth referrals are very much appreciated. We do welcome referrals from primary care physicians and optometrists as well. I, along with my staff, try to be as caring and compassionate as possible. I regularly take care of very advanced cataracts, where the patient is legally blind as a result of their cataract, with an extremely low rate of complications. As a result of improvements in surgical technology and technique, complications during surgery are now extremely rare. It is always best to take care of your cataracts before they become too advanced, because in their advanced stage they make the surgery much more difficult to perform.

If you have cataracts or other eye conditions, you have a choice of which doctor to see. Talk to your friends and family members and get their opinions as to their experience. This can be a very valuable guide as to which doctor to see. Do not be afraid to get another opinion if your questions are not answered.

I, along with Dr. Steinitz, Dr. Turok, Dr. Peracha, Dr. Rahman and all of our staff look forward to seeing you and taking care of your medical and surgical eye care needs.

Masud Malik, M.D.
Medical Director, Eye Specialists of Rockford

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